Martha Jane Canary Reflects

The Ekphrastic Review August 29, 2017

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Have You Seen Instagram Lately

About Place:Dignity as an Endangered Species May 2019

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Thoughts From my Time on the Moon

Mary Journal Jan 7, 2019

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The Sign on the Highway Reads, "Best Town on Earth"

The American Journal of Poetry Dec 31, 2018

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In the Tree Fort, Church, An Altar in the World

Blood Orange Review Dec 1, 2018

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"Boil Down" and "Hollow"

Frontier Poetry Jan 12, 2018

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The Mountain I Might Be

Driftwood Press Jan 1, 2018

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Zocalo Public Square May 24, 2019

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Up North Lit Spring, 2019

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God Was Always Talking, After Dark

Copper Nickel Fall, 2019

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Homage to My Being a Woman

Mid-American Review Fall, 2019

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The Dirt I Turn to Find Our Bones

Bear Review October, 2019

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I Might as Well Start at the Beginning

Midwestern Gothic Summer, 2018

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Chosen for Something

River Teeth September, 2019

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On Gardening

Gulf Stream December 31, 2019

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